Making Time for Social Media Marketing.

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If I had a nickle…So many small business owners tell me they just don’t have time for Social Media Marketing.  They know they should do it but, where on earth do you find the time?

It is really not the time. There are really six problems that keep small business from using social media to reach new clients.  Business owners need to understand the following.

How to Integrate Social Media into your existing marketing plan and not go crazy trying.

Choosing the right Social Media for your business to reach the right audience.

Can I get someone to do this for me?

What in the world am I going to tell people?

Once I get started with this, is there a way to make it easy?

Will this investment of time really pay off?

All of these issues keep us frozen and unable to even get started with social media.  Before we even think about how to address the issue of keeping up with posting to our sites we have to figure out how all of this Social Media fits into our overall business marketing plan.

It helps to remember that social media is only PART of your overall marketing program.  So you need to choose social media that will reach your target audience and will enhance your marketing program.





Changing Focus

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Over the next few months you will see some minor changes to this site. I will begin to focus on small business Technical Computer and Marketing Support Services

I always offered software support and hardware repair services and this has always been the most interesting and rewarding part of what I do.  When your computer just won’t work and you need it NOW there is nothing better than having someone around who can fix it a save all your stuff.

I wanted to focus on technical/software support alone but my clients keep asking for Social Media Support so I have decided to focus my attention on both for a while.

In January I returned to school  (on line of coarse) to begin to apply my technical skills to the health care field.  So over the next few months the site will be re-designed to reflect these changes.  You will still be able to find great tools and marketing ideas but a lot of what will be happening in the  future will be health related.

Scan, Print and Fax from your phone!

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scaR is perfect for receipts, business cards, faxes, class notes, whiteboards, sending your listing to the MLS, and your office in a snap (pun intended).

iPhoneYou have two options, you can download the software to your iPhone, blackberry, Nokia or Android which then takes the photo and uploads it to the scarR server and delivers a clean PDF to you. These can be printed to a fax machine using scanR

Continue reading Scan, Print and Fax from your phone!

FREE PDF tools to edit, fill in or design forms and combine PDF files

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PDFree PDF editorFescape is a free on-line PDF editor, form filler and form design tool.  This tool is one that I use all the time and wanted to share with you.  If you are like me, you don’t need this ability often enough to justify buying expensive software.   It is completely free with no water marks, no ads, no registration required and no fees for most of the tools.

If you want to create your own forms for others to fill in and protect your content then you need to register. Registration is free and it creates an account on the site for you to use. You can have the edited forms emailed to you or download them.

With the on-line editor you can add shapes, text and white out areas so they can be edited.  You can move and delete PDF pages, change information tags, encrypt the contents using a password and add and edit sticky notes.

With the form filler you are able to fill out forms using the existing form fields(check boxes, radio buttons and drop down fields are supported) or text tool, style form fields (font, size, color…) and modify existing form fields and tab from field to field.

There is no software to download and install, no flash or active X and you don’t need adobe reader.

The second tool I wanted to share with you is a free on-line pdf combining tool.

When I put together professional property packages or brochures for my clients I turn them into PDF files so that they can be easily emailed and retain their sharp clean look.  Many times I have multiple pages that need to be combined into one pdf file.

PDPDFJoin screenshotFJoin! is the on-line tool I use.

It is drop dead simple.  You turn your word or other documents into pdf files and upload them to this site. When you have all the pages uploaded you just select Join!  The files are combined and you save the combined file to your computer.  It is that easy.

Free PDF to Word Converter That Works!

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I wanted to convert a pdf file to a Word document.

PDF to Word Conversion Free On-Line Conversion Tool
Free On-Line Conversion Tool

Since you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I hate to pay for software I may only on occassion so… I started to search for a really good free tool to convert my file.

I tried both desktop converters and on-line converters.  Most  turned my document into a strange looking mess of text boxes making editing the document a messy task at best.  A few of them made editing a challenge because they did strange things to the word spacing by adding spaces where there were none:(

One on-line tool stands out as hands down the best conversion tool for pdf to Word.  PDF to Word

It is really easy to use and the results were readable and easy to edit.  No funky text boxes, it looked just like the original web document, even when I opened it in Open Office!

Here is how it works

You simply go to the website

Upload the file you want to convert

Choose either Word or RTF format

Click Convert and enter your email address

Your converted file is emailed to you and you download and edit the file.

I converted my resume from pdf to a Word doc and no formatting was lost and it was as if I had just created the document in word!

I was really impressed.

Try it for yourself.

Redesign the way you communicate

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Communication has always been a passion of mine. When I find great ideas that others have about it, I of course, communicate it.

Image from Thomas Goetz Redesign Medical RecordsI was listening to a talk on (BTW, if you have never visited TED do so, you will the talks presented in an informative and entertaining way) delivered by Thomas Geotz, the executive editor of Wired MagizineMr. Goetz also writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology.

He gave a wonderful talk on communication through redesign.

This talk is one of the best illustrations I have come across of how design effects communication and how the communication – action loop works.

The title of the talk was It’s time to redesign Medical data.

The talk illustrates how good design communicates and changes behavior.

While focused on the redesign of medical records, the principles can be applied to almost any discipline where communication and behavior change are desired.

He points out how fear based communication simply does not work and illustrates how information that is provided in a useable format can actually change behavior. I invite you to listen to the talk and draw your own conclusions.  How can you use this information in Real Estate?

Time to redesign medical data

Listening is the first step in effective communication