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We are experts at social media marketing and more…

Expertise is Social Media Marketing Solutions
Our expertise is Social Media Marketing Solutions

Our expertise is offering Social Media Marketing Solutions and we create, enhance, and support your small business marketing and systems with solutions that are affordable and work.

Marketing is more than just social media. It means rethinking systems and streamlining tools to make life easier and more efficient.

We are masters at streamlining websites, data collection , back office systems, form customization, and marketing.  With our expertise, we can help you re-imagine your business.

Need Help? Contact us and get your business GROWING.

We are experienced  at helping you get and stay organized. You will be introduced  to tools and technology that make sense for your business.Tools and systems that will make your life easy not hard and support you and your business succeed and GROW!

Affordable, social media marketing solutions and more that fit your business and budget
  • Social Media Marketing Solutions begin with what you have in place and augment or tweak your existing marketing and systems.
  • Creating  a marketing plan for your business that includes social media marketing, email, and traditional marketing is essential. It must all work together and enhance your business.
  • We create social media marketing  solutions and systems that  fit your business and your budget.
  • If it makes sense for your business to have a website, our solution providers will design and write content for it.
  • If a Facebook page is what you need or a Linkedin Profile we can do that too.
  • Experts at helping you get and stay organized, we will introduce tools and technology that make sense for your specific business. Tools that will make your life easy not hard and support you and your business as it GROWS!

Marketing is more than just social media. It means rethinking systems and streamlining  tools to make life easier and more efficient. We are masters at streamlining.  Web sites, data collection, back office systems, customization we can help you re-imagine your business.

Real Life Examples of Technical Solutions that Streamlined or Created Systems.

We have an extensive list of clients but here are some of the clients we have worked with and the marketing and technical solutions we designed and implemented.

Contact us for details or to discuss how our solutions can help your business grow and thrive

Weichert Realtors Princeton New Jersey office gave us many opportunities to provide a variety of solutions to the office manager, marketing coordinator, administrative staff, and agents.

The Marketing Coordinator was struggling to take her agent marketing services to the next level. We worked closely with her and made some suggestions that would not only streamline her business but increase her bottom line. The solutions we provided included technical assistance and mentoring, fresh ideas to streamline and reuse creative materials, ways to create a passive and on-going revenue stream as well as offering scheduling and billing recommendations. We helped her energize and re-imagine her business.

Working with the Manger, Marketing Coordinator, and staff a new agent on-boarding manual was born. This manual served as an indispensable guide that introduced the agents to the company, tools, and resources they would need to become successful. Once it was completed it was shared company wide and used as a template for several other New Jersey offices.

Several Agents in the same office expressed a desire to get organized so that they could take their business to the next level. The first step was an analysis of their current marketing and daily work habits so we could  put together a plan that would really work for them and help them get organized.  We used technology to customize and streamline their work and lighten their paperwork and client management.  Both agents became much more productive, happy and successful.  They gained more free time, kept in contact with their clients more effectively and easily and loved the tools we helped them find and use.

The Processing Manager needed  a simple and effective way to track open houses. This included a solution that could be emailed to the agents twice a week, automatically, reminding them to submit their open house data.  We turned to Google drive for the solution. A form was designed to capture the needed data directly to a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was sorted in a way that made the data entry by the office administrator a snap.  We used a Gmail add-on called Boomerang to create the mailing list and schedule the emails to go out to the list twice a week. It worked perfectly and saved the processing manager 3 hours a week. No joke.

The processing manager also needed a solution to replace the faxing of commission statements to attornies by the administrative staff. We created a secure folder on  Google drive that made it easy for the staff to create the statements make them available immediately to the agents for review. Once the agents were certain the statements were accurate, they could email them directly from the drive folder to the attornies and anyone else who required them. Everyone loved the new system and they still use this system today.

A small real estate team needed a way to collect names at a special event. This solution had to be a simple and effective way to enter names into a prize drawing and collect some data for later sales follow up calls.   We used google forms to create a form to collect the data they needed. We decided on an electronic solution and using tablets they had people enter their information directly into the form at the event.  This information was automatically entered into a spreadsheet when people hit the submit button.  Each entry was assigned a number and later, a random number was chosen and the prize awarded. The collected data could be sorted and used by the sales team as needed.

Century 21 Worden and Green had a website that was outdated needed a webmaster to update. They were badly in need of an updated solution with content management.  We researched and suggested a provider that used a template based system and that offered them the back end customization, lead capture and the ongoing modernization that they required at a fraction of the cost.  We redesigned the site streamlining and adding features for the agents that enhanced their performance and gave them easy access to forms and a customizable free website.

Have a look at the redesigned site.

Re/Max Masters of Hillsborough NJ needed an effective and efficient accounting, invoicing and checking system to replace the manual system they were using. The big gun accounting systems were overkill and too costly. They traded in the spreadsheets and one write system for Quick Books, which we customized to meet their special requirements.

Organizational Skills Extraordinaire

Extraordinary organizational skills are based upon the ability to see the whole picture, to realize how everything needs to work together to complete a project, market a product, service, or manage a group, on time and within budget. The ability to look into the future, recognize trends, engage in long-range planning and know what has to be done and how.

Web, Print, and Multimedia Design Expertise

Formally educated in multimedia design, and equally at home in a print, web or multimedia environment gives us an edge over most marketing solution providers. We understand design and keep the end users experience firmly in mind.

Communication Specialists – Experts at Finding Ways to Communicate Your Unique Message.

Webster’s Dictionary defines communication as “sending, giving, or exchanging information and ideas.” Finding ways to communicate to your audience, is a challenge and requires a knowledge of that audience and the ability to speak to them verbally and non-verbally.

Finding ways to communicate to your audience, is a challenge and requires a knowledge of that audience and the ability to speak to them verbally and non-verbally.

Logical, Creative Thinkers with Fresh Perspective

Logical thinking is the ability to reason in a clear and consistent manner. Creative thinking is looking at problems from a fresh perspective that often times leads to an unorthodox, ingenious or original solution to a perplexing problem. That sums up nicely what we are all about.

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Listening is the first step in effective communication