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Why you want to get organized and why you should

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It is a brand new year and it seems that almost everyone longs to get organized.   Many of the people I work with say that is their number one work goal for this year.

Paperwork ControlDid you ever really stop to think about why you want to get organized?  Life Hacker’s Walter Glenn, says that we long to get organized because we want to achieve the goals that getting organized will allow us to achieve.

This got me thinking…I am a very organized person and I like being organized because.

Changing Focus

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Over the next few months you will see some minor changes to this site. I will begin to focus on small business Technical Computer and Marketing Support Services

I always offered software support and hardware repair services and this has always been the most interesting and rewarding part of what I do.  When your computer just won’t work and you need it NOW there is nothing better than having someone around who can fix it a save all your stuff.

I wanted to focus on technical/software support alone but my clients keep asking for Social Media Support so I have decided to focus my attention on both for a while.

In January I returned to school  (on line of coarse) to begin to apply my technical skills to the health care field.  So over the next few months the site will be re-designed to reflect these changes.  You will still be able to find great tools and marketing ideas but a lot of what will be happening in the  future will be health related.

Redesign the way you communicate

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Communication has always been a passion of mine. When I find great ideas that others have about it, I of course, communicate it.

Image from Thomas Goetz Redesign Medical RecordsI was listening to a talk on (BTW, if you have never visited TED do so, you will the talks presented in an informative and entertaining way) delivered by Thomas Geotz, the executive editor of Wired MagizineMr. Goetz also writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology.

He gave a wonderful talk on communication through redesign.

This talk is one of the best illustrations I have come across of how design effects communication and how the communication – action loop works.

The title of the talk was It’s time to redesign Medical data.

The talk illustrates how good design communicates and changes behavior.

While focused on the redesign of medical records, the principles can be applied to almost any discipline where communication and behavior change are desired.

He points out how fear based communication simply does not work and illustrates how information that is provided in a useable format can actually change behavior. I invite you to listen to the talk and draw your own conclusions.  How can you use this information in Real Estate?

Time to redesign medical data