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Free tool stops unwanted software

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Today’s free tool stops unwanted software from being installed.

Today’s freebie is my old favorite Unchecky and thanks to a recent post by Gismo’s, I was reminded of how much I love this program!

Here is how it works…

Unchecky’s sole purpose in life is to protect you from programs that try to install additional unwanted software programs.

Once installed, when you download and install a new program, Unchecky goes into action to prevent other additional programs from being installed.

  • It automatically unchecks  the unrelated program checkboxes.
  • Warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer
  • Updates Automatically

Unchecky supports Windows XP and above.

So what is not to love? Get it and save yourself the time it takes to track down and uninstall programs you don’t want.

They have a video on YouTube video and on their site that will show Unchecky  in action.  I recommend full screen so you can see it and no need for speakers since they have no verbal instructions, only music.

We have added a new page to the site called Keep Me Safe Freebies, so if you don’t have time to download it now, you can check back and get the download link here anytime (you can also find it on the Free Business Tools and Marketing Freebies page)!


To keep your business moJo you need to get organized!

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Paperwork ControlDid you ever really stop to think about why you want to get organized?

Life Hacker’s Walter Glenn, says that we long to get organized because we want to achieve the goals that getting organized will allow us to achieve.

I don’t know about you but my life can feel hectic and getting organized is key. It means paying attention to the way I work and creating systems that make work more efficient, less stressful and more enjoyable.

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How to Keep your businenss Mojo going.

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As a small business owner, I know a little something about trying to balance life and work.  I also know just how hard it is to motivate yourself every day and keep your clients, family and yourself on an even keel.

Can someone do this for meSome days it is really hard to keep yourself from throwing in the towel and getting a paying job, but you know in your heart of hearts that that won’t really work for you.  You left that behind to do what you love right?  So, why after a year or so do you start feeling like you made a mistake?

Once  the rush of actually getting a business off the ground and trying to make a go of it has faded into the daily grind of running your business it can become very, very hard to stay motivated. Especially since you probably don’t have the cash to hire help just yet.

Additionally, your spouse, while supportive at fist,  is starting to get nervous about the actual money being deposited into the bank account and may start to become, shall we say, less than supportive.

So, what is the answer?
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Learn Microsoft Office for FREE!

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Woman on Computer

The credit for this resource goes to Gizmo’s freeware!

I have loved Gizmo’s freeware for ever, today I love them even more.  They have shared a link (which I am sharing with you) to download of Microsoft Office training manuals for FREE.  Here is the

Here is the link: :

The manuals are wonderful and offer detailed, step-by step instructions for learning every Office application you can think of.

Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook…you get the idea. Manuals are available for versions 2003 – 2010 and all are free and worth the download.

You can also download from the same site, Office Keyboard shortcuts for versions 2003 – 2010 and Quick Reference Guides for 2007 and 2010.

Now you have no excuse for not knowing how to use the Microsoft Office programs.

Once again, here is the link

Oh, by the way, I have added the link to my page under free business tools:)  Thanks again Gizmo.

Recommended Google Reader Replacement

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Google reader is going away as of July 1, 2013. For many of us this means finding something that we like as much to read our daily RSS feed . Ifcheck in on facebook, twitter and other social accounts and post while we read our email well…sign me up.  Especially if it is free!

Enter NetVibes – My favorite replacement so far.

Widget View

Netvibes is a combination of a start page like igoogle and a reader. It  integrates your facebook and other social accounts  It is pretty much an all-in-one dashboard that can be customized and organized anyway that makes you happy!

There are two ways to view your stuff.

The Widget view is tabbed pages. Each tab can be added and labeled and you can customize the layout of the page too. It is great to be able to organize your feeds and social media by topics.

The second way to view your stuff is by using the Reader View.

Reader View

This give you a list of your feeds and a menu of choices to the left of the feed.

If you looking for a good replacement for iGoogle and Google reader by all means sign up and give it a spin it is FREE!

What if you never had to remember or change another password?

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Swiping and touching are already ways in which we navigate smart phones and tablets.

What if that same technology could recgnize you and replace that long list of passwords we all have?

DAVID TALBOT recently wrote an article featured in technology review that talks about using a ring attached to your arm with a wrist strap.

This ring, sends data as “voltage bursts” which are captured by the phone or tablet and identifying you by the code in the ring.

This device is currently a prototype at Rutger’s University, Winlab.

“The technology consists of a battery-powered ring with flash memory that holds a code, and a signal generator that transmits the code as tiny voltage spikes. Touch screens-—already designed to detect voltage changes from fingers touching and moving across the screen—pick up those spikes, and software on the phone reads them as password-like data”.

The only thing you would have to remember is your ring each morning! The downside, it that if someone aquired your ring they could access your devices until you reset your code. However, it is much eaiser than that list of passwords.

You know my methods, Watson

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Watson_AvatarThe most famous Jeopardy player, Watson the IBM computer, is poised to become Doctor Watson.

The Watson health care advisory board was recently formed. This panel comprised of members of the health care community, was formed for the purpose of identifying health care issues that could be positivity impacted by Watson.

Watson‘s analytic and decision support, evidenced based reasoning, and understanding of language processing, holds big potential in medical advancement.  Watson can quickly analyze large amounts of data and understand relationships within that data to help improve the quality of patient outcomes.

IBM has teamed with Wellpoint to bring the Watson Technology to Market.  This is the very first commercial application of Watsons’ technology.

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Make Yourself a QR-Code Right Now!

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QR-codes are a great way to promote a product, a blog post, a page on your website and just about anything else you can think of.

Caryn's ExpertiseEverywhere you look you see them, but how do you get one of your own?

I wanted one so,  I created the one on the left it is the URL of the Expertise page on this site.

Go ahead, make one for yourself right now. I have added a widget for you which you can find at this link QR-code generator.

To find it in the future, it is located under the Freebies Tab- Select Create your own QR-Code.  Instructions appear above the code generator on the create your own QR-Code page.  Have fun, no limit create as many as you like.

Right click on the image and save it to your computer.  It is really that simple.  Keep you text under 100 characters of the code become too complex.

To create your own code simply enter the URL of the product or website, your message (keep it short try and not exceed 100 characters or the QR-Code becomes complex), your phone number (Remember and include your country code for international callers), or an SMS message and phone number, or an email and a recipient in a QR-Code. That lets people get in touch with you or your business via email. Go ahead, give it a try and like magic, you have your very own QR-Code instantly.

The generator widget can be found in the future under the freebies tab on this website.  Go ahead, try it now! You know you want one.

Doctors Learn the Value of Social Media

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Doctors using social media!  YES and successfully!  which launched in February 2011 and is a service of Uniontown Hospital, Uniontown, PA claims to have increased website traffic by 300%!

It is a in reality, a physician directory with additional features that let site visitors learn about the doctors, ask questions and receive answers, watch “get to know you” videos, there are photos of the doctors, blogs and some doctors even have on-line appointment scheduling.

As a social media marketing person, I love it!  Could it become a doctor facebook?  Who knows, but it is wonderful to realize that medicine is embracing the internet and using it to reach out to new patients.  It makes sense, since most of us turn to the internet for medical information most of the time anyway.

Are you ready to get social with your Doc?