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Thinking small? You are capable of so much more…

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As business owners from time to time, we are all guilty of thinking small, being afraid, listening to often to the wants of others.

We do the same things, over and over again and expect a different result. We forget just why we started our business, we doubt ourselves, beat ourselves up and talk very badly to ourselves, we are often thinking small.

This video  is a welcome reminder that “there is nothing more powerful than a changed mind.”  I share this with you all for inspiration. This is worth a listen. Very powerful words that speak to all of us.

This collection of inspirational words from speakers you will recognize might just be what you need to hear today.

In order to change ourselves, our businesses, our lives we need to change the way we think, we need to change our minds we need to change the inside of ourselves.

This video is a reminder to face your fears, you don’t need the approval of others to run your business your way or your life. You need your approval.  Don’t give up on your dreams and settle for what you think is possible. Don’t keep thinking small.  Don’t get discouraged and throw in the towel. Think BIG! Overcome your fears now and become resourceful, follow the dream that got you here.  Fear is what holds us all back and sometimes you need a little help to remember this.

You started your business because you believed in yourself don’t stop believing in yourself now.  Business can be a lonely road to walk if you let it, so give yourself a daily dose of inspiration.  Make sure you take time every day to remind yourself of your dreams and please dream BIG don’t keep thinking small. You are destined for greatness, I know you are.

If you can’t dream at all because you are overwhelmed.  Let us help you can Contact us here, learn about our Expertise or our Services.

Free tool stops unwanted software

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Today’s free tool stops unwanted software from being installed.

Today’s freebie is my old favorite Unchecky and thanks to a recent post by Gismo’s, I was reminded of how much I love this program!

Here is how it works…

Unchecky’s sole purpose in life is to protect you from programs that try to install additional unwanted software programs.

Once installed, when you download and install a new program, Unchecky goes into action to prevent other additional programs from being installed.

  • It automatically unchecks  the unrelated program checkboxes.
  • Warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer
  • Updates Automatically

Unchecky supports Windows XP and above.

So what is not to love? Get it and save yourself the time it takes to track down and uninstall programs you don’t want.

They have a video on YouTube video and on their site that will show Unchecky  in action.  I recommend full screen so you can see it and no need for speakers since they have no verbal instructions, only music.

We have added a new page to the site called Keep Me Safe Freebies, so if you don’t have time to download it now, you can check back and get the download link here anytime (you can also find it on the Free Business Tools and Marketing Freebies page)!


Make Yourself a QR-Code Right Now!

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QR-codes are a great way to promote a product, a blog post, a page on your website and just about anything else you can think of.

Caryn's ExpertiseEverywhere you look you see them, but how do you get one of your own?

I wanted one so,  I created the one on the left it is the URL of the Expertise page on this site.

Go ahead, make one for yourself right now. I have added a widget for you which you can find at this link QR-code generator.

To find it in the future, it is located under the Freebies Tab- Select Create your own QR-Code.  Instructions appear above the code generator on the create your own QR-Code page.  Have fun, no limit create as many as you like.

Right click on the image and save it to your computer.  It is really that simple.  Keep you text under 100 characters of the code become too complex.

To create your own code simply enter the URL of the product or website, your message (keep it short try and not exceed 100 characters or the QR-Code becomes complex), your phone number (Remember and include your country code for international callers), or an SMS message and phone number, or an email and a recipient in a QR-Code. That lets people get in touch with you or your business via email. Go ahead, give it a try and like magic, you have your very own QR-Code instantly.

The generator widget can be found in the future under the freebies tab on this website.  Go ahead, try it now! You know you want one.

20 ways to connect with your target audience

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marketing toolsOnce you know how to reach your target audice you need some tools to use to reach them.  The tools you choose will depend on your business and what will work and not work for you.  You also need to consider your skills.  If you don’t speak well, and you want to produce a video, perhaps you need to hire someone to produce that video for you.

Shamless plug, I will be launching an e-learing series early next year so keep a look out for it.  I will let you know when it is completed so follow me on twitter and facebook so you don’t miss the big launch and your chance to get the course for free

  1. Blog/Vlog – Write a blog, comment on others blogs (leave a link to your website if they let you). Don’t market to them, inform or educate them, offer special deals or fresh ideas.  You need to write content that people want to read.
  2. E-Learning Service – Did you ever consider teaching what you know?  There have been some very successful e-learning services and classes developed for the internet.  You know your business better than anyone so how about teaching what you know to others?  To do this share information with real life examples of what you are teaching.  Continue reading 20 ways to connect with your target audience

10 ways to use Social Media to grow your business.

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The whole purpose of social networking is to engage in networking.  Let me put it this way, you don’t go to a traditional networking event and market your business.  You go and connect with others.  You don’t sell your business products or services you sell yourself it is the same with social networking.   Below are 10 ways to use social media to grow your business. Before you consider any post make sure it stays true to your brand.  Inform, educate, listen, ask questions, interact and have a conversation in short, be human. Continue reading 10 ways to use Social Media to grow your business.

Can I get someone to do this for me?

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Can someone do this for meMany times I am asked if I can write blog posts for others.

I could, but it is better if I don’t.  You want your unique personality or the voice of your company reflected in the blog posts.  That won’t happen, if an outsider writes the post for you.

Does that mean you need to write every post?  Not necessarily. Sometimes a good post is a new event, or some other form of new information you have published elsewhere.

Sometimes, even the most faithful blogger faces writers block. So what is a writer to do?  Look at what you have already written in your email or questions you have answered for inspiration for that next blog post.  A lot of the time, it is clients questions that gets me writing a post.

You can drive yourself crazy with social media, email marketing, blogging…if you don’t automate a lot of it.  There are a lot of programs for small business to use to help with the automation process.

Programs such as, iContact and Constant Contact will allow you to create, send, track and integrate your messages with social media with ease and efficiency.  There are also other Customer contact and management solutions for small and midsized businesses.  Automation can be a great if you do it correctly.

Automation without a plan can be a disaster.  The best way to see if something can be automated, is to pay attention to the information that you routinely send out.   Even if you just put together a template that you use in your email program this will help to save you time when you need to send routine email.  I always do this for information requests.

The answer to the question can someone do it for me?  Is yes, sometimes someone can.

How to begin integrating Social Media into your Marketing Plan

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How do I Integrate Social Media into my existing marketing plan and not go crazy trying?

Facebook LogoUse what you already know and move it into the social arena.  You spend every day with your clients and customers; you interact with them so you already know what they want to know.  Just take that and find a way to apply it in the social media environment.


Your personality is why people spend time with you.  Take that personality on-line and you will find success.

Don’t just jump on the latest social media band wagon, figure out what will work for your business.  Maybe interacting on forums and answering technical questions will work better for computer repair persons, while blogging on Active Rain might work better for Real Estate Professionals.

There is a place where your customers hang out on line.  Find that place and observe your customers interacting on-line.  Then orient yourself, stick your toe in the water a little, answer a question, talk to a couple of members and see things click.  Decide is this something you can stick with? Does it work with your marketing strategy for attracting clients or customers?  Then act, get involved and stay involved.

Each type of business is different and reaches their audience in different way, not every business needs to use social media to do that.  It won’t work for everyone.  You also need to realize that just hitting people over the head with your message is not the right way to approach social media.  I have friends on facebook that are in real estate and the only time I see a post from them is when they have a listing.  What makes them think I even care?  I am not interested in your listing, I am interested in learning about you as a person and when I figure out you’re a realtor and I am in the market for your services, I will let you know.

Don’t tell me you are the greatest tech support person on the earth every day.  Do tell me if you have a special I should be taking advantage of but don’t beat me over the head with it.

It you’re a tech support person on a forum, I want your technical knowledge and will thank you for it and when I need it again, I will seek you out, especially if you post to the forum regularly.

By now, you get the idea, in order to effectively market yourself using social media you need to have a strategy and use that strategy and adjust that strategy that focuses on longevity.  If you’re not in it for the long haul, don’t even stick your toe in the water.  Find another way to market your business that you will stick with.

Once you get yourself established and known the next step is to get people to spread your ideas.

Scan, Print and Fax from your phone!

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scaR is perfect for receipts, business cards, faxes, class notes, whiteboards, sending your listing to the MLS, and your office in a snap (pun intended).

iPhoneYou have two options, you can download the software to your iPhone, blackberry, Nokia or Android which then takes the photo and uploads it to the scarR server and delivers a clean PDF to you. These can be printed to a fax machine using scanR

Continue reading Scan, Print and Fax from your phone!

FREE PDF tools to edit, fill in or design forms and combine PDF files

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PDFree PDF editorFescape is a free on-line PDF editor, form filler and form design tool.  This tool is one that I use all the time and wanted to share with you.  If you are like me, you don’t need this ability often enough to justify buying expensive software.   It is completely free with no water marks, no ads, no registration required and no fees for most of the tools.

If you want to create your own forms for others to fill in and protect your content then you need to register. Registration is free and it creates an account on the site for you to use. You can have the edited forms emailed to you or download them.

With the on-line editor you can add shapes, text and white out areas so they can be edited.  You can move and delete PDF pages, change information tags, encrypt the contents using a password and add and edit sticky notes.

With the form filler you are able to fill out forms using the existing form fields(check boxes, radio buttons and drop down fields are supported) or text tool, style form fields (font, size, color…) and modify existing form fields and tab from field to field.

There is no software to download and install, no flash or active X and you don’t need adobe reader.

The second tool I wanted to share with you is a free on-line pdf combining tool.

When I put together professional property packages or brochures for my clients I turn them into PDF files so that they can be easily emailed and retain their sharp clean look.  Many times I have multiple pages that need to be combined into one pdf file.

PDPDFJoin screenshotFJoin! is the on-line tool I use.

It is drop dead simple.  You turn your word or other documents into pdf files and upload them to this site. When you have all the pages uploaded you just select Join!  The files are combined and you save the combined file to your computer.  It is that easy.

Free PDF to Word Converter That Works!

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I wanted to convert a pdf file to a Word document.

PDF to Word Conversion Free On-Line Conversion Tool
Free On-Line Conversion Tool

Since you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I hate to pay for software I may only on occassion so… I started to search for a really good free tool to convert my file.

I tried both desktop converters and on-line converters.  Most  turned my document into a strange looking mess of text boxes making editing the document a messy task at best.  A few of them made editing a challenge because they did strange things to the word spacing by adding spaces where there were none:(

One on-line tool stands out as hands down the best conversion tool for pdf to Word.  PDF to Word

It is really easy to use and the results were readable and easy to edit.  No funky text boxes, it looked just like the original web document, even when I opened it in Open Office!

Here is how it works

You simply go to the website

Upload the file you want to convert

Choose either Word or RTF format

Click Convert and enter your email address

Your converted file is emailed to you and you download and edit the file.

I converted my resume from pdf to a Word doc and no formatting was lost and it was as if I had just created the document in word!

I was really impressed.

Try it for yourself.