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Thinking small? You are capable of so much more…

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As business owners from time to time, we are all guilty of thinking small, being afraid, listening to often to the wants of others.

We do the same things, over and over again and expect a different result. We forget just why we started our business, we doubt ourselves, beat ourselves up and talk very badly to ourselves, we are often thinking small.

This video  is a welcome reminder that “there is nothing more powerful than a changed mind.”  I share this with you all for inspiration. This is worth a listen. Very powerful words that speak to all of us.

This collection of inspirational words from speakers you will recognize might just be what you need to hear today.

In order to change ourselves, our businesses, our lives we need to change the way we think, we need to change our minds we need to change the inside of ourselves.

This video is a reminder to face your fears, you don’t need the approval of others to run your business your way or your life. You need your approval.  Don’t give up on your dreams and settle for what you think is possible. Don’t keep thinking small.  Don’t get discouraged and throw in the towel. Think BIG! Overcome your fears now and become resourceful, follow the dream that got you here.  Fear is what holds us all back and sometimes you need a little help to remember this.

You started your business because you believed in yourself don’t stop believing in yourself now.  Business can be a lonely road to walk if you let it, so give yourself a daily dose of inspiration.  Make sure you take time every day to remind yourself of your dreams and please dream BIG don’t keep thinking small. You are destined for greatness, I know you are.

If you can’t dream at all because you are overwhelmed.  Let us help you can Contact us here, learn about our Expertise or our Services.

Free tool stops unwanted software

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Today’s free tool stops unwanted software from being installed.

Today’s freebie is my old favorite Unchecky and thanks to a recent post by Gismo’s, I was reminded of how much I love this program!

Here is how it works…

Unchecky’s sole purpose in life is to protect you from programs that try to install additional unwanted software programs.

Once installed, when you download and install a new program, Unchecky goes into action to prevent other additional programs from being installed.

  • It automatically unchecks  the unrelated program checkboxes.
  • Warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer
  • Updates Automatically

Unchecky supports Windows XP and above.

So what is not to love? Get it and save yourself the time it takes to track down and uninstall programs you don’t want.

They have a video on YouTube video and on their site that will show Unchecky  in action.  I recommend full screen so you can see it and no need for speakers since they have no verbal instructions, only music.

We have added a new page to the site called Keep Me Safe Freebies, so if you don’t have time to download it now, you can check back and get the download link here anytime (you can also find it on the Free Business Tools and Marketing Freebies page)!


How to Keep your businenss Mojo going.

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As a small business owner, I know a little something about trying to balance life and work.  I also know just how hard it is to motivate yourself every day and keep your clients, family and yourself on an even keel.

Can someone do this for meSome days it is really hard to keep yourself from throwing in the towel and getting a paying job, but you know in your heart of hearts that that won’t really work for you.  You left that behind to do what you love right?  So, why after a year or so do you start feeling like you made a mistake?

Once  the rush of actually getting a business off the ground and trying to make a go of it has faded into the daily grind of running your business it can become very, very hard to stay motivated. Especially since you probably don’t have the cash to hire help just yet.

Additionally, your spouse, while supportive at fist,  is starting to get nervous about the actual money being deposited into the bank account and may start to become, shall we say, less than supportive.

So, what is the answer?
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