To keep your business moJo you need to get organized!

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Paperwork ControlDid you ever really stop to think about why you want to get organized?

Life Hacker’s Walter Glenn, says that we long to get organized because we want to achieve the goals that getting organized will allow us to achieve.

I don’t know about you but my life can feel hectic and getting organized is key. It means paying attention to the way I work and creating systems that make work more efficient, less stressful and more enjoyable.

Simple things can make your work so much less stressful. For example, I hate clutter and if things are piled up I get a little uncomfortable.  Clearing my desk of work at the end of each day, lets me start the next day without stress and gives me sense of control and accomplishment. If I fail to do this, the next morning, I feel stressed even before I start working.  Putting things away also allows me to find things quickly when I need them.

Not everyone works well that way, some of us work better with piles. If piles work for you fine, then pile things in a way that makes sense to you. No matter what your organizational style, being organized will free you to have time to do what you love and to do work that is more meaningful and more productive.

It also means using technology and tools that actually make your work easy. If you work with clients use the cloud to organize client work and share documents and contracts with them to make everyone’s life easy. Use tools that allow you to track your time and invoice with a few clicks of your mouse. Organize your receipts and travel by using some apps that are easy to install on your phone. These are a few good ways to help you get and stay organized.

To find out what might work for you pay attention to your workflow and design systems that work for you. This will  increase your productivity and free you  to do the things you love.   So every day, look at what does not work and figure out how to change it so it does work Trust me, the rewards are worth it!

Next time I will share with you some of the tips and tools that I use and  I help my clients to use to keep them organized, productive so they can focus on the goals they want to accomplish.