Urban Container Gardening

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Garden DecksOne of our family hobbies is gardening.  We love it and will find any excuse to dig in the dirt.  We grow organically  in containers.

Living in a condo in New Jersey presents us with many gardening challenges including the rules.  While we are lucky and the
rules permit a gardenGroundhog 4 feet out from the deck, the critters that abound  and love our veggies and the salad bar they provide present yet another gardening challenge.

Deer, groundhogs (yes they do climb trees, this one is munching mulberries), bunnies and other critters prevent us from growing in the ground without protecting our crops and fencing is the only solution and we are not happy with that so…The solution is container gardening


Peppers upper deck

Close up deck down
Container gardening, as you can see, works out well. Cherry tomatoes

The ground garden is for flowers, which I don’t mind sharing with the critters.

Many years ago we learned about container gardening  by experimenting. The idea for growing  veggies that vine up strings goes to Mel Bartholomew,  originator and author of Square Foot Gardening. We purchased the book and it has been our go-to book ever since.

Watering is always a challenge in containers since they dry out very fast.   We installed drip irrigation ( the black tubes pictured above) and it is the perfect solution.  Irrigation on a timer is a set it and forget it solution.  It also proves very successful water conservation! The irrigation is hidden by running the main tubing under the deck railing, making it invisible from the exterior of the deck. Main Tubing Under Deck Rail





The smaller more flexible tubing is run down the inside of the rail ( see below) I pulled it a way a little so you could see it.

Down inside the rail to the container Then the drip heads are placed in the container and held out of the soil by clips, so that the soil does not enter and clog the drip head.

The headsInto the container with drip heads are sized and color coded according to the small heads deliver less wateramount of water they distribute. The blue one below are smaller heads. The plants are dead it is just spring now and easy to see how we run the tubing when your eye is not admiring the beautiful green plants.

You can grow your own food in an urban garden.  We have a lower and upper deck and grow tomatoes, peppers, salad greens and herbs that we cook with every day!

Next post is Growing Veggies in the Winter!  Yes, you can do it…Posting in Spring will give you plenty of time to plan ahead for next winters harvest.