Urban Container Gardening

Garden DecksOne of our family hobbies is gardening.  We love it and will find any excuse to dig in the dirt.  We grow organically  in containers.

Living in a condo in New Jersey presents us with many gardening challenges including the rules.  While we are lucky and the
rules permit a gardenGroundhog 4 feet out from the deck, the critters that abound  and love our veggies and the salad bar they provide present yet another gardening challenge.

Deer, groundhogs (yes they do climb trees, this one is munching mulberries), bunnies and other critters prevent us from growing in the ground without protecting our crops and fencing is the only solution and we are not happy with that so…The solution is container gardening Continue reading Urban Container Gardening

How to Keep your businenss Mojo going.

As a small business owner, I know a little something about trying to balance life and work.  I also know just how hard it is to motivate yourself every day and keep your clients, family and yourself on an even keel.

Can someone do this for meSome days it is really hard to keep yourself from throwing in the towel and getting a paying job, but you know in your heart of hearts that that won’t really work for you.  You left that behind to do what you love right?  So, why after a year or so do you start feeling like you made a mistake?

Once  the rush of actually getting a business off the ground and trying to make a go of it has faded into the daily grind of running your business it can become very, very hard to stay motivated. Especially since you probably don’t have the cash to hire help just yet.

Additionally, your spouse, while supportive at fist,  is starting to get nervous about the actual money being deposited into the bank account and may start to become, shall we say, less than supportive.

So, what is the answer?
Continue reading How to Keep your businenss Mojo going.