Recommended Google Reader Replacement

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Google reader is going away as of July 1, 2013. For many of us this means finding something that we like as much to read our daily RSS feed . Ifcheck in on facebook, twitter and other social accounts and post while we read our email well…sign me up.  Especially if it is free!

Enter NetVibes – My favorite replacement so far.

Widget View

Netvibes is a combination of a start page like igoogle and a reader. It  integrates your facebook and other social accounts  It is pretty much an all-in-one dashboard that can be customized and organized anyway that makes you happy!

There are two ways to view your stuff.

The Widget view is tabbed pages. Each tab can be added and labeled and you can customize the layout of the page too. It is great to be able to organize your feeds and social media by topics.

The second way to view your stuff is by using the Reader View.

Reader View

This give you a list of your feeds and a menu of choices to the left of the feed.

If you looking for a good replacement for iGoogle and Google reader by all means sign up and give it a spin it is FREE!