What if you never had to remember or change another password?

Swiping and touching are already ways in which we navigate smart phones and tablets.

What if that same technology could recgnize you and replace that long list of passwords we all have?

DAVID TALBOT recently wrote an article featured in technology review that talks about using a ring attached to your arm with a wrist strap.

This ring, sends data as “voltage bursts” which are captured by the phone or tablet and identifying you by the code in the ring.

This device is currently a prototype at Rutger’s University, Winlab.

“The technology consists of a battery-powered ring with flash memory that holds a code, and a signal generator that transmits the code as tiny voltage spikes. Touch screens-—already designed to detect voltage changes from fingers touching and moving across the screen—pick up those spikes, and software on the phone reads them as password-like data”.

The only thing you would have to remember is your ring each morning! The downside, it that if someone aquired your ring they could access your devices until you reset your code. However, it is much eaiser than that list of passwords.