20 ways to connect with your target audience

marketing toolsOnce you know how to reach your target audice you need some tools to use to reach them.  The tools you choose will depend on your business and what will work and not work for you.  You also need to consider your skills.  If you don’t speak well, and you want to produce a video, perhaps you need to hire someone to produce that video for you.

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  1. Blog/Vlog – Write a blog, comment on others blogs (leave a link to your website if they let you). Don’t market to them, inform or educate them, offer special deals or fresh ideas.  You need to write content that people want to read.
  2. E-Learning Service – Did you ever consider teaching what you know?  There have been some very successful e-learning services and classes developed for the internet.  You know your business better than anyone so how about teaching what you know to others?  To do this share information with real life examples of what you are teaching.  Continue reading 20 ways to connect with your target audience