Changing Focus

Over the next few months you will see some minor changes to this site. I will begin to focus on small business Technical Computer and Marketing Support Services

I always offered software support and hardware repair services and this has always been the most interesting and rewarding part of what I do.  When your computer just won’t work and you need it NOW there is nothing better than having someone around who can fix it a save all your stuff.

I wanted to focus on technical/software support alone but my clients keep asking for Social Media Support so I have decided to focus my attention on both for a while.

In January I returned to school  (on line of coarse) to begin to apply my technical skills to the health care field.  So over the next few months the site will be re-designed to reflect these changes.  You will still be able to find great tools and marketing ideas but a lot of what will be happening in the  future will be health related.