Free PDF to Word Converter That Works!

I wanted to convert a pdf file to a Word document.

PDF to Word Conversion Free On-Line Conversion Tool
Free On-Line Conversion Tool

Since you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I hate to pay for software I may only on occassion so… I started to search for a really good free tool to convert my file.

I tried both desktop converters and on-line converters.  Most  turned my document into a strange looking mess of text boxes making editing the document a messy task at best.  A few of them made editing a challenge because they did strange things to the word spacing by adding spaces where there were none:(

One on-line tool stands out as hands down the best conversion tool for pdf to Word.  PDF to Word

It is really easy to use and the results were readable and easy to edit.  No funky text boxes, it looked just like the original web document, even when I opened it in Open Office!

Here is how it works

You simply go to the website

Upload the file you want to convert

Choose either Word or RTF format

Click Convert and enter your email address

Your converted file is emailed to you and you download and edit the file.

I converted my resume from pdf to a Word doc and no formatting was lost and it was as if I had just created the document in word!

I was really impressed.

Try it for yourself.

Redesign the way you communicate

Communication has always been a passion of mine. When I find great ideas that others have about it, I of course, communicate it.

Image from Thomas Goetz Redesign Medical RecordsI was listening to a talk on (BTW, if you have never visited TED do so, you will the talks presented in an informative and entertaining way) delivered by Thomas Geotz, the executive editor of Wired MagizineMr. Goetz also writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology.

He gave a wonderful talk on communication through redesign.

This talk is one of the best illustrations I have come across of how design effects communication and how the communication – action loop works.

The title of the talk was It’s time to redesign Medical data.

The talk illustrates how good design communicates and changes behavior.

While focused on the redesign of medical records, the principles can be applied to almost any discipline where communication and behavior change are desired.

He points out how fear based communication simply does not work and illustrates how information that is provided in a useable format can actually change behavior. I invite you to listen to the talk and draw your own conclusions.  How can you use this information in Real Estate?

Time to redesign medical data